Thursday, August 18, 2011

DiAnn Mills - "Under A Desert Sky"

·        Several of your stories are historical.  Do any of them reflect on your personal past or just and era you enjoy. I simply enjoy the era and the courageous people who helped build our country. What appeals to me is how these people solved their problems. The issues of family dysfunction, selfish and greedy people, and meeting basic needs are timeless.

·        Did you model Eva Fortier after someone specific past or present? Not one person. Eva entered my head and heart as a young woman who had the potential to be a heroine. She had a backbone, but didn't realize it. I think her grandfather saw that trait and worked to develop it. I wanted a heroine with spunk and the freshness of innocence. 

·        What was the hardest part of writing Under a desert Sky? The scenes with Tahoma. I had my resources in front of me at all times. Keeping  his actions and responses according to his culture, time period, and education were the most difficult. 

·        What was the most enjoyable about writing Under A Desert Sky? Writing about a unique setting that I'd visited. I walked the road to the Monarch's home. Breathed in the high desert air and marveled in the beauty of the rock and mountains.

·        Do you have another Historical Romance/Adventure in your future plans? I'm thinking and playing with a few ideas. :)

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