Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jamie Carie - "The Snowflake"

How did you prepare yourself to write The Snowflake?

The Snowflake actually started out as a short story. When I wrote my first book, Snow Angel, I immersed myself in all things Alaska and the gold rush of 1898. The research led to so many good ideas that I wrote a short story, trying to be more "literary" and thinking I might be able to break into a lit magazine like Glimmer Train. Then, last year my editor mentioned writing a christmas novella set in the Alaskan gold rush. I remembered my short story, pulled it out and decided I could turn it into a novella. It was great fun writing a book with a christmas theme and I hope readers are warmed by this snown christmas story!

Do you write a part of yourself into your characters?

I think parts of me are in many of my characters. The challenge is to try and create a different perspective for each character with their own unique voice. I have my mind sets and preconceived notions, but when creating my characters I have to imagine his or her values, upbringing, ecperiences and etc. What might motivate/interest me might be completely foreign to that character and visa versa. Sometimes it helps to study your friends and relatives! LOL! No one is safe in a writer's life.

What was your motivatiion for choosing Ellen's Burden?

Ellen's Burden is inescapable because it is tied to the relationships she loves and values most. I think her burden is relatable to so many people which makes it a universal theme. Most of us are willing to do anything for the well being of those we love.
Did you select the name "Buck" because of it's familiarity from "Call of the Wild"?

I think that was subconscious! I did read a lot of Jack London's atories during the research phase of Snow Angel. It was probably lurking in my brain somewhere and seemed like a good choice at the time.
Why did you choose the novella format rather than a full length novel?

It was my editor's idea to a Christmas novella and I am so glad she suggested it. I think cozying up to a nice little story on a cold winter's night about lvoe and God's gift to us (Jesus) at Christmas time is a wonderful notion! I hope readers thoroughly enjoy it!

What do you want your readers to take away from "The Snowflake"?

I hope they are warmed by the Christmas theme, the poignancy of Buck and Ellen's love story, and walked away inspired...knowing that everyone deserves a rich, compelling story of their own.

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Diane Brown said...

Jamie, thanks for doing the interview. I appreciate your detailed answers and a glimpse into your head! LOL